Year 5 Cycling Proficiency

Team Year 5 could not be prouder of Year 5 children today who successfully braved the roads to tackle their cycling proficiency test. Maybe we will have our very own Sir Chris Hoy or Bradley Wiggins, perhaps a Victoria Pendleton? I would like to thank all parents who took time to organise their…

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Year 5 Visit The Humber Bridge

Year 5 had a day to remember as we visited the Humber Bridge and walked across it. We have been learning about rivers and it was exciting to see the estuary.

We basked in the sunshine and also enjoyed an ice-cream. It was an impressive scene as we sat along the river bank and sketched the…

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Butterfly Lifecycles using Popplet

5M produced Popplets for our topic on Lifecycles. We observed butterflies, bees and frogs also. We used lots of skills to include pictures and altered text size and colours. Some of our lifecycles were very informative, why not see them for yourself?


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Cello Performance

Year 5 gave a perfectly polished performance on Thursday marking their last lesson of the year. All of Year 5 came to watch and Mrs. Turrell was also amongst the guests. The children practise every Thursday and this marks their second year of continuous provision. We are delighted with their…

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5M are World Cup ready!

5M are ready for the start of the World Cup, as part of our focus on going for goals as we prepare for the transition from Year 5 to 6.

All of the class have been given a team to support (32 teams altogether). It will be exciting to see whose country finishes as champions! We will be also…

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Egg Challenge!

Could you look after an egg for a whole week? That's the challenge that Year 5 pupils have undertaken! The egg is being taken home and brought back to school each day. Will they all survive? Will any eggs join in P.E? Whatever happens, this promises to be a superb challenge and hopefully not all…

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Year 5 talk from Humberside Fire and Rescue

Year 5 had an important afternoon of learning when they were joined by Humberside Fire and Rescue experts. We were told about the important of basic fire safety and how it was essential to not try and fight the fire but to get out safely.


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Can you label the parts of a plant?

5M observed the parts of a plant and discussed their features. We looked at real plants to support us with our understanding and discovered how plants reproduce as part of our topic on lifecycles.


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5M Celebrate The Royal Wedding

We had a fantastic day!


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And they're off! Sunflower power!

5M planted their sunflower seeds this morning as we prepare to move towards our new topic of lifecycles. The class will be monitoring the progress of the plants carefully and measuring their growth carefully. We will then graph the growth on a line graph and declare an overall…

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5M Air Resistance Lesson


  • Design and build your parachute. What do you need to think about? Would a larger parachute work better than a smaller parachute?
  • Record the time taken for your parachute to drop from a height. You’ll need to drop the parachute from the same height.

The Science Bit

If you…

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5M Gymnastic Balances

5M have been consistently working hard on learning how to travel around the gymnasium and perfect balances using counter-balance and counter-tension. Mr. Mickleburgh has been so impressed we thought we'd document the children's achievements with some photographs showing just how much ability the…

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