Yorkshire Wildlife park

Year 2 had a fantastic time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


After a late arrival, we still took part in our education workshops about Polar Bears and we saw an amazing array of animals that we have never seen before.

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Year 2 Medieval Topic Celebration

We would like to share some highlights from our Medieval topic.


We hope you enjoy.


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Eric Carle painting

Year 2 painted in the style of Eric Carle inn celebration of his upcoming 90th birthday.

Our artwork will be displayed on the doors of Class 2B, 2C and 2F.



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King Richard III Medieval Banquet

Today Year 2 recreated the coronation banquet of Richard III.

The King and Queen sat at the top table surrounded by lords and ladies and lots of succulent food.

The servants of the land sat far away from the top table and waited for the leftovers (if they were allowed any from the mean and…

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Making a drawbridge

Year 2 children have been writing explanation texts. We are going to write one about how a drawbridge works but we didn't really know how one works. We spent the afternoon making a model drawbridge in pairs so we knew exactly what to write about.

Come in and have a look at them.

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Making a clay pot

As part of our Castles topic the children have been making clay pots to use at our medieval banquet.


We are waiting for them to dry so we can decorate them.

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Spreading the love!

The Year 2 children walked to the local library today to spread some kindness. We placed our bookmarks into the books in the library ready to make someone smile.

Before we set off back to school we all snuggled down on the cushions and Mrs Burman read a story to us.


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Random Acts of Kindness

We have been designing book marks today with kindness quotes on as part of our Random Acts of Kindness week. We cannot wait to go to the local library tomorrow to leave them in books for people to find. We hope we make them smile.

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Random Acts of Kindness

We have been sharing the love in Year 2 today.

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Random Acts of Kindness!

We love singing 'Count on me' by Bruno Mars.

We know we can count on each other!!

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Conisbrough Keep

We struggled to imagine what it would have been like to live here!


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Conisbrough Castle

A bit of snow didn't put us off!

Year 2 had such a fantastic time at Conisbrough Castle. We looked at a real keep, real castle grounds and found out what it was like to live there 850 years ago.

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