Each class in school represents one of the three school houses, which this year are named after British Olympians. Children's achievements throughout a school week can earn points for their houses. Points will be awarded for achievements in reading challenges, times tables rockstars and attendance.

Also, houses will compete against each other in intra-school sporting competitions throughout the year.

Asher-Smith house consists of classes FB, 1F, 2W, 3R, 4B, 5C, 6C and 6R.

It is named for the British women's sprint record holder, Dina Asher-Smith.

Kenny house consists of classes FNB, 1C, 2WH, 3S, 4F, 5R and 6L.

It is named for the gold medal winning Olympians, Jason and Laura Kenny.

Scott house consists of classes FL, 1E, 2S, 3L, 4C, 5H and 6B.

It is named for the British freestyle swimmer, Duncan Scott.