4L Volcano Art

We had a great time experimenting with different ways of getting paint onto the page to create our erupting volcanoes. 

We think they look amazing just like 4C and 4R!

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Volcano paintings in 4R

4R have been busy this week creating volcano paintings. They were let loose with the paint to create the eruption.



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4M Animal creations!

What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangeroo? A woolly jumper!


In all seriousness, 4M created their own species of animal using a creation tool online. Then gave it a special name, it's own features and habitat.

If animal breeding isn't confusing enough - try to imagine all the…

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4M Mathematicians

Well done to all Year 4 children pictured who attempted some Year 6 reasoning questions during lunchtime. You have worked incredibly hard with your mathematics this year and it is really paying off!

Keep it up in Year 5, high expectations for Year 6 (Mrs Harrison is lucky!).



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4M Adaptation Popplets

4M have been learning about animals and their specific features which allow them to adapt to their habitat/environment. We used Popplet to create maps key features/adaptations. Please find our work below, we hope it is informative.



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NELC Music & Performing Arts Service Present 'Megastra' The School's Prom YEAR 4

Year 4 had a day to remember as NELC Music & Performing Arts Service Present 'Megastra' The School's Prom. We sang a variety of songs including 'We Will Rock You' and performed 'The Kraken' by Hans Zimmer on the cellos.

Children really enjoyed the opportunity to watch professional musicians…

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Food Webs / Chains

A food web is simply a number of food chains joined together. It shows how the loss of one organism has an effect of other organisms in the food web. This is called the interdependence of living things.

Considering the food web above as an example, what would happen if the population of slugs…

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National Cream Tea Day in 4M!

4M pestered Mr. Mickleburgh to celebrate 'National 'Cream Day 2017'. Most of the children had never had one before so it was the perfect moment to try this special traditional scone. The children have been working hard during this term and to reward them for their endeavours in the School Fayre we…

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Perimeter Top 10 Challenge

4M had a great day learning about perimeter. So not to go around the houses: I'll cut to the chase!

We learned about how to calculate the perimeter of many complex shapes and even did an investigation with squares and rectangles.

Please see who made the top ten of our interactive quizes.

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J2E Software Animal Fact Posters

4M have been working hard to create some animal fact posters using J2E software. It has been fun to experiment with different types of text and display. It is a challenge to use this software compared to Pages and so we can be really proud of our efforts. Please read our posters carefully,…

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What are we making?

4G have been busy creating some leaves showing different animal patterns and textures.  I wonder what they are creating?  These leaves are going to be used to create a whole year group piece of art work.  

We will look forward to sharing the final piece of work.…

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4G - Reading and teamwork

On Wednesday we showed amazing teamwork when completing an exciting reading activity,  We had lots of challenging questions to find the answers to but in order to do this successfully, we needed to read, retrieve and communicate.  The questions were about some of the different animals which we saw…

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