A Miracle In Town!


We are so proud of our Year 1 children for performing their Nativity concert so well! Well done everyone and thank you to all who came to watch. 

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Year 1 Hook Day

Year One went on a local walk for our topic 'Tell the world about.. Welholme Road'.
We looked at old and new buildings and talked about all of the different features we could see. We discussed the materials the buildings were made from and came up with lots of questions about what Welholme Road…
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A magnetic problem

During our work on materials we were set a problem -

Using 2 magnets a car and some tape, make the car move with out touching it.

Here are some of the photo's showing how well we did...


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The Tiny Seed

We read together the story of the tiny seed by Eric Carle. In the story the wind blew the seeds to different places. We went outside to see if we could find plants that were growing in strange places because they had blown there.

We recorded what we found on our Seesaw Learning…

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Keeping a rhythm!

We so look forward to our weekly music sessions with Miss Reed. This week we were practising some of the songs and exercises we have done this term ready for our performance for our parents next week. We hope you will be able to come!

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So Proud!

We are all so proud of these girls this week. Our 'Star of the Week' has been a fabulous story teller she remembered and used lots of story language and was able to  retell her story to our class. 

Also two of our girls were chosen for the 'top table' with extra treats at lunch time because…

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Computer Artwork

Class 1W have used Doozla on the computers to create artwork inspired by their class book, 'The Storm Whale'.

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What time is it?

Today we have been learning how to tell the time. We like working with our maths partners, helping each other to improve our work. 

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Seesaw whale drawings

Today we used our Seesaw Learning Journal to draw pictures of the whale that Noi found on the beach. The children really enjoy being able to see each others work online and be able to leave them comments. We get to use lots of our positive praise words.

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We love books!

Here are some pictures from World Book Day where we shared our books with 3C.

We had such a lovley time!


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Door of Kindness

Here is 1W's door to support our new topic.

'We may all be different fish but in this school we all swim together!'

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Red Nose Day!

We had a great day raising money for Comic Relief! We would like to thank all the parents/carers and children that donated to this great cause. Our Academy raised £280!

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