Stone Mouse book study

Tension has built in 3Y will Ted retrieve the Stone Mouse? 

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Lola's Narrative

Here is Lola reading her narrative inspired by our book study of 'The Pebble In My Pocket' by Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady.

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Oliver and class 3/4c's seawigs

"What's a seawig?" Oliver asked
"Haven't you heard? Every seven years the Rambling Isles all gather together at the Hallowed Shallows to show off their treasures. They love to collect things you see; all the bits of flotsam that the sea washes up on their heads. They're very proud of their…

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Oliver and the Seawigs Trailer

We're really excited about our new book, 'Oliver and the Seawigs'. Here is a sneak peak trailer. What do you think is going to happen?

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Year 1 Phonic Screening

Well the week is here! You've all worked so hard to learn all your sounds. 

Miss Fuller is very excited to see how well you all do.

Good Luck 1F!

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Letters to Steve Backshall

4C have not only been watching the deadly 60 videos and making our own Steve Backshalls, we have written letters to Steve, telling him all about our learning and have asked him some questions. Read some of them below, we hope we get a reply!


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'Wonder' Shadow Puppets

We enjoyed creating a mini shadow puppet show from the 'Wonder' conversations we wrote.

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Steve Backshall

Today 4C have written letters to Steve Backshaw asking about his favourite animals and the most deadly animals he has seen. We all have our fingers crossed that he sends us a reply. 

We even made our own Steve Backshaws, I wonder what deadly animals they will find!


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Reading in the Sun

This morning 6P made the most of the sunshine and took our literacy lesson outside. We enjoyed reading 'Wonder' through the eyes of Jack, Justin and August.

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'Wonder' Conversations

6R have been practising conversations between 2 characters from their class novel, 'Wonder', for their writing.

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4C robot surgery

This week 4C became heart surgeons to help save the robot from our story 'robot and the bluebird'. We used our knowledge of electrical circuits, conductors and insulators to make the robots heart (the clock) work again! 

Look how proud we were once we had saved him.


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Via's Halloween Comic Strip

After reading Via's chapter about Halloween Day from our book 'Wonder', we used the events to create a quick comic strip.

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