A Rainy Day at the Farm!

The Foundation children and staff had a fun filled day at Tattershall Farm Park, despite the constant downpour! We saw lots of different farm animals, including sheep and their lambs, pigs, cows, goats, ducks, donkeys and we even saw llamas and deer! 

We had a small animal encounter, with a…

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Foundation Food Fun!

This week in FMB we have been making melting snowman biscuits! The children have had great fun decorating their biscuits with delicious sweets and chocolates....

Hands off, grown-ups! These are all ours!






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Amazing Animals!

We were visited in Foundation by some amazing animals! Steve from DWAEC brought lots of weird and wonderful creatures for us to see, touch and learn about. We saw Romeo the king snake, Mary the python, Desmond the tegu lizard, a desert pygmy hedgehog, Peanut and Butter the meercats, Molly the…

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The Butterflies Fly Free!

Our hungry little caterpillars have grown, made cocoons and transformed into beautiful butterflies! The Foundation children had a wonderful time releasing them into our outside area. The butterflies landed on our herbs and plants and some even landed on the children! They seemed to enjoy their…

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The Princess and the Pea Singing Festival

The foundation childen thoroughly enjoyed the Princess and the Pea Singing Festival on Wednesday 23rd May 2018. They sang their hearts out to a live orchestra, including a xylophone, glockenspiel, cello, trumpet, flute and piano. They learned all about how the instruments are played and the…

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