5M Singing A Round

5M learned a two part round. Check out the video below.


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Building The Ironman!

Hopefully Year 5 have done Ted Hughes proud! Teamwork and collaboration were at the forefront of our minds as we prepare to celebrate Children's Mental Health week next week in school. The children worked in small groups to plan and prepare each component of the 'Ironman'. When the children…

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5m visit the 'Time Trap' at Grimsby Town Hall

As part of our new topic 'Crime and Punishment' 5M journeyed to the local town hall to visit the Time Trap underneath. We were excited to discover the wonderful history beneath the beautiful council building learning about local history too and what role it played within Grimsby.

Our guide Liz…

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5m Hockey Festival

5m have been practising for he upcoming hockey festival and we are loving learning some new skills. We have looking forward to our inter school competition! 


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Master Class Lessons from Year 6 Mathematicians!

Year 5 were treated to a mathematics masterclass by Charlie from 6p. In previous years Charlie found maths difficult but recently his confidence has begin to flourish. He felt so confident that a trip to 5M saw him commanding the classroom teaching 5M how to do short division. Charlie talked about…

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Vincent Van Gogh Fact Research on Pages

Year 5 have been honing their computing skills on pages by finding some facts about Vincent Van Gogh, a famous Dutch impressionist artist. We have enjoyed creating our own versions of 'Starry Night' making a class collage and conducting some of our own research during computing lessons.


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5M choir singers at 'Young Voices 2018'

Thanks to Mrs. Turrell, Mrs. Sawdon and all the adults at Welholme Academy, 4 dedicated singers from 5M travelled to 'Young Voices' in Sheffield and were treated to a magical day they'd never forget.

It's been difficult to stop the pupils wearing their t-shirts this week so we embraced their…

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Unimaginable Kindness

5M have been recently worked on unimaginable kindness with Mrs. Walker. Mr. Mickleburgh discovered that when we started our new topic 'Crime and punishment'. He left sweets out to tempt the children on the desks all day just like Adam and Eve were tempted by apples in the garden of Eden by…

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Festive Fun at Welholme School Fayre

5M had lots of fun creating some reindeer biscuits and posters for the Christmas Fayre with Mrs. Beecham. Mr. Mickleburgh got people interested in playing their cards right for a chance to win a chocolate bar. Thank you for all parents and children who came to visit our stall and helped us raise…

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Christerella Performance Photographs

Credit to Mrs. Cormier and Mr Clayton who took some fantastic photographs of the children during the epic pantomine performance of 'Christerella'.

Let us know what your favourite moments from the show are!


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Y5 Christmas Craft!

Mrs Davies so was impressed with some of the Christmas crafts that 5M have been making that she decided to make one herself! (She couldn't ELF herself!)

Great to see one and all having a very merry Christmas!

Mr. Mickleburgh


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Christerella coming soon!

Have you seen one of these posters around school? It's performance time on the 14th and 15th December, we can't wait to surprise you a our superb production of 'Christerella'. Miss it, miss out!


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