The Easter Bunny Visits The Foundation Stage!

The children in Foundation were very excited to see that the Easter Bunny had been this afternoon to set up an egg hunt! We had to use our looking eyes to look in lots of different places outside. The Easter Bunny had been very sneaky and made us look high and low for eggs. We had a competition to…

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The tastiest science lesson ever !

5M have been learning all about the 8 phases of the moon and found an exceptionally delicious way of modelling the moon as it orbits the earth. Thankfully, after we completed this team activity, the oreos orbited our mouths instead!

An excellent fun way of thinking about the moon phases. Great…

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Yummy pink icing!

We iced our cakes this morning with yummy pink icing. It was a sticky job!



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The Chicks Have Arrived in Foundation Stage!

We are getting ready for Easter a little early in the Foundation stage and are very excited to welcome the chicks to our classrooms. We had ten eggs delivered last Tuesday and was so excited when all 10 hatched on Thursday! We have been learning about what the chicks need to survive and how to…

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Baking cakes for the lonely beast

Today we have been baking cakes for the lonely beast to have with his cup of tea.


Tomorrow we will be icing them with pink icing becasue that it his favourite.


We will then write instructions for how to make them.


Check back to see the recipe.

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Wear something yellow for Marie Curie

To support Marie Curie 5M wore yellow, we also discussed Marie Curie and how her scientific ideas helped find two elements in the periodic table. We encouraged the girls to believe in their own power and likened this to our own female leadership at the Academy. Finishing off with an art activity…

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Oliver and the seawigs maths 34C

We really enjoyed creating picotgrams based on seawis from our story Oliver and the Seawigs.

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Oliver and class 3/4c's seawigs

"What's a seawig?" Oliver asked
"Haven't you heard? Every seven years the Rambling Isles all gather together at the Hallowed Shallows to show off their treasures. They love to collect things you see; all the bits of flotsam that the sea washes up on their heads. They're very proud of their…

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Teachers getting involved!

Even the teachers got involved in a dance off during the show!!

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Pinocchio Performance

Foundation and KS1 watched an AMAZING show today by the very talented M&M Theatrical company.

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Infant Singing Festival

The Year 2 children really enjoyed the Infant Singing Festival at Grimsby Audotorium.

if you want to learn the songs too you can on on youtube and type in 'A Woodland Story'

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Oliver and the Seawigs Maths Challenge

For our maths challenge, we were creating pictograms based on our book study, 'Oliver and the Seawigs'. 


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