5M are World Cup ready!

5M are ready for the start of the World Cup, as part of our focus on going for goals as we prepare for the transition from Year 5 to 6.

All of the class have been given a team to support (32 teams altogether). It will be exciting to see whose country finishes as champions! We will be also…

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High Ropes

Year 6 had a fantastic time at High Ropes, have a look through our pictures to see what we got up to. 

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Egg Challenge!

Could you look after an egg for a whole week? That's the challenge that Year 5 pupils have undertaken! The egg is being taken home and brought back to school each day. Will they all survive? Will any eggs join in P.E? Whatever happens, this promises to be a superb challenge and hopefully not all…

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The Princess and the Pea Singing Festival

The foundation childen thoroughly enjoyed the Princess and the Pea Singing Festival on Wednesday 23rd May 2018. They sang their hearts out to a live orchestra, including a xylophone, glockenspiel, cello, trumpet, flute and piano. They learned all about how the instruments are played and the…

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Year 5 talk from Humberside Fire and Rescue

Year 5 had an important afternoon of learning when they were joined by Humberside Fire and Rescue experts. We were told about the important of basic fire safety and how it was essential to not try and fight the fire but to get out safely.


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Can you label the parts of a plant?

5M observed the parts of a plant and discussed their features. We looked at real plants to support us with our understanding and discovered how plants reproduce as part of our topic on lifecycles.


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Investigating angles of incidence and reflection

Year 6 are enjoying their post-SATS science, learning about how light reflects.

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5M Celebrate The Royal Wedding

We had a fantastic day!


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Watch us Grow!

Lynn from Asda came to help us learn about herbs. We learnt about what herbs are, what they smell like, the different types and what they are used for. Lynn taught us how to make a plant pot out of newspaper. Then, we chose our own seeds for the herbs that we wanted to grow and we planted them in…

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Let's Grow!

Year 2 have been growing all sorts in their classrooms ...... from mushrooms to caterpillars!

And look how much they have grown!!

The caterpillars are now chrysalides and the mushrooms are ready to eat.

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And they're off! Sunflower power!

5M planted their sunflower seeds this morning as we prepare to move towards our new topic of lifecycles. The class will be monitoring the progress of the plants carefully and measuring their growth carefully. We will then graph the growth on a line graph and declare an overall…

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The Caterpillars Have Arrived in Foundation!!!

We are really excited in Foundation at the moment! After reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we now have our very own hungry caterpillars in our classrooms! We have been learning about what caterpillars eat, the life cycle of a caterpillar and the journey of a caterpillar to a…

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