Attendance Prize Draw!



Ruby has won the attendance prize draw!!

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Via's Halloween Comic Strip

After reading Via's chapter about Halloween Day from our book 'Wonder', we used the events to create a quick comic strip.

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The Invisible Boy

Last week we worked in small groups to participate in a few role play activities linked to the scene in the book whereby Sophie and Nathan were taking up Mrs. Carlotti's time by whining and being loud, leaving Brian feeling somewhat invisible. We took on different roles to get a good idea of how…

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This week we have been looking at Brian's situation. Brian feels invisible, the other children don't notice him or invite him to parties. We discussed whether he is being bullied. We came to the conclusion that Brian isn't being bullied, the children were not persistantly being mean but he…

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We love recorder day!

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Easter Recorders!

The children in Year 2 enjoyed Emma's Easter recorder session. She loves any excuse to get dressed up! Thanks Emma!

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Rushmoor Country Park

We visited Rushmoor Country Park to learn all about farm animals.  In the small animal shed we were able to handle rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and a micro pig!  We then went outside and fed goats, sheep, geese and cows.  We met some birds of prey.  Then we got to feed lambs!  Our favourite but of…

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We enjoyed participating in our chick hatching program.  11 of the eggs hatched.  We could tell whether the chicks were boys or girls because the girls were blonde and the boys were stripey.  When they were born their feathers were wet.  As soon as their feathers had dried, we were able to move…

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EYFS Bean Growing


We have been learning all about plants and how they grow.  We looked at the similarities and differences between between different types of seeds.  We learnt about the life cycle of plants and what plants need to grow.  Then we planted runner bean seeds.  We used cotton wool and clear…

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3C have worked well together this week as part of their topic groups to finish their volcanoes that they have been making over recents weeks. 

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What did you think of Year 4's concert?

Your opinions please?


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Maths Challenge

Can you complete our maths challenges?

Don't forget to add your comments below!


Sort the Street

Years 1 and 2


Here is a picture of nine houses in my street:

Find as many different ways to sort them into groups as you can.



Brush Loads

Years 3 and 4

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