Collaboration in 4R

4R Are feeling very proud of themselves after working collaboratively to create our door for the topic this term in the style of Eric Carle - 'Ready, steady, go.' The children are that proud of their work they asked me to put a picture on the blog to show off their great work!

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Eric Carle painting

Year 2 painted in the style of Eric Carle inn celebration of his upcoming 90th birthday.

Our artwork will be displayed on the doors of Class 2B, 2C and 2F.



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Showcasing our work

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday with our parents. Thanks to those who came in to look at what Year 3 have been learning about. The children love sharing their work!

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Egg Rolling

The children in the Foundation Stage have been learning about the story of Easter and how some children celebrate Easter by having an egg rolling competition. We designed and made our eggs using a variety of materials and then rolled them down our hill in our outside area to see whose egg would…

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The Easter Bunny Has Been to Foundation!

The Foundation Stage children were very excited when they found the Easter Bunny's footprints in our outdoor area. He had left us lots of little eggs pictures for us to find. We had to use our looking eyes and make sure we looked high and low as well as on top of and under items outside. Then, we…

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4R's visit to Cherry Garth


4R had a great day at Cherrygarth last week, we built dens, played archery, lit fires, cooked our own and fish and created a miniature Stone Age village in the copse, we even made people who lived in the village. We had an amazing…

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Castle Building!

We had such a fantastic day building castles! Thank you to everyone who came and joined in with us!


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We love reading in 4R


4R Enjoyed the freedom yesterday of reading anywhere in the classroom and sharing their books or something they enjoyed in the book with other children.

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Special Visitors in Foundation

The Foundation Stage are very excited to welcome our new visitors. Our eggs arrived last Thursday and we were really excited to see what was going to hatch out of them. We had a think about our topic work where we had looked at all different animals and creatures that hatched out of eggs and then…

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4C's visit to Cherrygarth

Last week 4C had a great day at Cherrygarth, we build dens, played archery, lit fires, cooked our own foor and created a miniature Stone Age village in the copse. Look at the photos of our amazing day!


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Year 3's visit to Year 5

Last week Year 3 visited Year 5 to compare The Tudor Period to The Egyptian Period. The Year 5 children were so knowledgeable and helpful we found out so much!

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King Richard III Medieval Banquet

Today Year 2 recreated the coronation banquet of Richard III.

The King and Queen sat at the top table surrounded by lords and ladies and lots of succulent food.

The servants of the land sat far away from the top table and waited for the leftovers (if they were allowed any from the mean and…

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