This term our whole school topic is, 'Take a Picture'

As a school we are looking at Pride. We want our children to be proud of all the work they produce therefore we are asking for them to complete only two pieces of high quality work.

The tasks are:

  • To paint a picture in the style of your family’s favourite artist.
  • Sketch something or someone that is important to you all.
  • Take a photograph of an important number to your family and explain why you chose it.
  • Research your family’s favourite artist and write 10 facts about them.
  • Look at the pictures below. Craig Davison is the artist. Can you make a picture of your family in this style? What shadow characters would you choose to be?

‚ÄčYou have until Monday 5th March to complete the tasks.


REMEMBER it's a family challenge so when you have finished the task it doesn't matter which child brings it in as we will make sure it will be acknowledged in every class your children are in.

Our homework email is

Polite reminder - this is part of our whole school homework agreement and all children are expected to complete the task.