4M Animal creations!

What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangeroo? A woolly jumper!


In all seriousness, 4M created their own species of animal using a creation tool online. Then gave it a special name, it's own features and habitat.

If animal breeding isn't confusing enough - try to imagine all the…

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Latest Maths Challenge

Can you complete our maths challenges?

Don't forget to add your comments below!


Find the Difference

Years 1 and 2


Place the numbers 1 to 6 in the circles so that each number is the difference between the two numbers just below it.



5 - 2 = 3

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Teamwork to build a football game

Yesterday the children worked in Kagan groups on another 'End of Term Challenge!'

They were asked to work together to make a football game. Every group had a boss! who helped them to make decisions and to organise who did which jobs.

The children used so many of the skills they had gained…

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A magnetic problem

During our work on materials we were set a problem -

Using 2 magnets a car and some tape, make the car move with out touching it.

Here are some of the photo's showing how well we did...


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4M Mathematicians

Well done to all Year 4 children pictured who attempted some Year 6 reasoning questions during lunchtime. You have worked incredibly hard with your mathematics this year and it is really paying off!

Keep it up in Year 5, high expectations for Year 6 (Mrs Harrison is lucky!).



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Rounders Match

Miss Cochrane challenged Miss Crompton to a rounders match, and Miss Crompton - never being one to shy away from a challenge - prepared her team for battle! So determined to win, 5R choreographed and performed a Haka to 5C before the match started. Haka's are traditionally performed by rugby teams…

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Maths Pong

To make sure all of us in 5R are really ready for the challenges of the Y6 maths curriculum, we tried our hand at Maths Pong this week. We worked in teams to get the ping-pong balls into the cups. Once we managed to get one in the cup, we got a prize...and a maths arithmetic question to answer! It…

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4M Adaptation Popplets

4M have been learning about animals and their specific features which allow them to adapt to their habitat/environment. We used Popplet to create maps key features/adaptations. Please find our work below, we hope it is informative.



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NELC Music & Performing Arts Service Present 'Megastra' The School's Prom YEAR 4

Year 4 had a day to remember as NELC Music & Performing Arts Service Present 'Megastra' The School's Prom. We sang a variety of songs including 'We Will Rock You' and performed 'The Kraken' by Hans Zimmer on the cellos.

Children really enjoyed the opportunity to watch professional musicians…

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Food Webs / Chains

A food web is simply a number of food chains joined together. It shows how the loss of one organism has an effect of other organisms in the food web. This is called the interdependence of living things.

Considering the food web above as an example, what would happen if the population of slugs…

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